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Medications and Your Child

We, the providers at Metropolitan Pediatrics, aim to provide judiciously appropriate, evidence-based medical advice.  As such, it is important that parents realize that a majority of childhood illnesses are viral in nature and must simply be supported during the course of the illness.  Certain medications may provide symptomatic relief but many medications have not been researched in children and such use may put your child at risk for complications or medication side effects.


We realize that in all of our busy lives, it is often difficult to bring your child to the office for a “hands on” evaluation.  We will obviously work with you as best we can to find a time that is agreeable for both of our schedules.  We cannot effectively advise you on substantially significant illnesses without “laying hands on your child” (doing a physical exam).  Descriptions of your child’s history may be very indicative of a disease process but it cannot substitute for examining the child.  Once examined and a history taken, we will have the capacity to effectively make a diagnosis.  Should a prescription medication be deemed appropriate, your provider will likely electronically prescribe this medication to your local pharmacy.


Antibiotics are NOT a CURE-ALL.  Though we realize caring for your sick child is both frightening and stressful, we do not want to utilize inappropriate medications in this endeavor.  Viral illnesses like colds, coughs, sore throats (strep negative), etc. should not be treated with antibiotics.  Inappropriately prescribed antibiotics can cause other issues that may confuse the course of an illness, may cause significant diarrhea (including a very serious opportunistic infection called Clostridium Difficile {C. Diff}) and will ultimately increase resistance profiles of some dangerous bacteria that will endanger our community at large.  For all of these reasons, we have a policy of NEVER PRESCRIBING ANY MEDICATION OVER THE PHONE (with the exception of refills), without examining the child.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding in our efforts to deliver the most effective, evidence-based medical care possible.

Medications and Your Child: Antibiotics and other medications are NOT the solution!